“Do I Look Fat?”

The moment I found out that my first child was a girl, (after I fantasized about the cute clothing I would get to dress her in,) was: “What would raising a girl be like? What would I do differently, or the same as my Mom had done?” Thirteen years later (and two girls in addition later,) the issues that come up are endless, of course. I hear from moms with boys that they are different, not as complicated, not as emotional. So of course, the first day my oldest daughter said: “I look fat in these pants”! I was horrified. What was I supposed to say? What was I supposed to do? And here I am, the professional! I certainly don’t have all the answers, (some!) but I do want to start to hear from you guys out there: “What do you worry about?” Let’s start a forum on this important issue that many women, girls, fathers, boys, struggle with. How do you maintain a sense of humor about it all? Let’s face the new F-word, and I promise I will give you great tips and strategies in the coming months

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  1. Stacy on 04 Oct 2007 at 7:55 pm

    My older daughter once nuzzled in my postnatal belly and said, “I love your belly it’s so mushy and soft.” I was amused but also a bit horrified. But, I would truly be horrified if (or when) one of my daughters utters those words, “I look fat in these clothes” as I’m sure our current culture will dictate it to them one day. As I try to get more fit (I still have a bit of a belly), I am really trying to focus on being healthy to set an example for my daughters, but it’s really hard when clothes I used to love don’t fit right. I’m really looking forward to hearing more! Thanks Donna, I’m a big fan of your book!

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