Do You Have SED, Seasonal Eating Disorder?

I notice myself humming “Hot Fun In the Summertime”, as I try to zip up my formerly fitting jeans.

Yes, I am one of those freaks who, instead of losing weight in the summer, gains it. I always hear people saying, “I eat less during the summer, fruits and vegetables, and I lose weight”.

Well, I am the opposite. The more relaxed I get, the more I eat. This summer has been very relaxing. Need I say more? Yes, the pants I brought in for alterations, I told them, just the length, the waist doesn’t need to come in.

I tried them on when they came back, and I could swear, they took in the waist.

Okay, I guess I can’t blame them. Oh, you mean those margaritas, mojitos, and going out to eat 5 nights a week piles up?

Yes, I guess it does. How much fun is this, though!

Yes, It would be a bit more convenient if I ate more during those winter months when you are wearing sweaters and coats more often than not. (No, I don’t live in L.A.!) It kind of fits the fashion. Then you get to at least hide the results of your indulgence! For those of us with SED, seasonal eating disorder I call it, who eat more when relaxed and happy in the summertime, we don’t get to do any hiding!

Oh well, Too bad, so sad, right? I have to admit, I just go with it. It is too much fun to enjoy these long summer nights. A little time off from the kids when they go to camp, or stay with relatives.

So, if you find yourself with this pattern of eating that is unlike your ‘summer weight losing’ friends, don’t fret. We have those long winter months ahead, full of tension and lower appetites!

I think I will go out for chips and margaritas tonight.

Happy Eating!

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