One of the Keys to Staying Thin After 30: Sleep More!


 One of the best things I ever did for myself after having my third baby, was to finally seek the advice of a trainer. Not to work with them weekly, I can’t afford that, but to give me a program so that I could at least get the best benefit for the time I did manage to put in exercising. After all, who has time when you have kids, to exercise? You might as well get the most bang for your buck, I say, vis a vis effort and effect! 

I could go on and on about how fabulous Kim Williams is, and how she transformed my body through a period of time, into one I actually feel good about, (what woman ever feels that way, right?! I certainly never did in my 20′s and 30′s, it took until my 40′s when I started to follow Kim’s advice.All of this to say, that basically, following what she has recommended I do vis a vis exercise in the last few years, has worked. It is all her. (She also works out the actors to get ready for bathing suit and negligee scenes here in NYC. Need I say more about how much I trust what she says?)

This is all the long way around so that you guys out there pay attention to something she has always emphasized: Sleep, sleep and sleep! Aside from the fact that it is massively difficult to get enough sleep usually when you have kids, particularly babies, we have always had some kind of an idea that doing more, will probably burn calories. It feels counter intuitive to imagine that resting more will actually help you burn more calories, if you have the choice between going to the gym and a nap! But look carefully at what Kim says:

“Many of my clients ask whether it is better to go to the gym or to sleep. I’m sure you will be quite surprised to hear that the answer is:  SLEEP! 

According to the Tufts University Letter, dated February, 2007, there is mounting evidence from a number of studies demonstrating that a lack of sleep equates to greater risk of disease and added pounds! According to a study following more than 68, 000 American women for a period of 16 years, those who managed to get adequate sleep (about 7-8 hours), gained less weight during middle age. 

It seems, in a study of women who got only 5 hours of sleep nightly, that they were 1/3 more likely to have weight gain than those who slept 7 hours.  Activity levels didn’t seem to play a role and weight gain by an amount as small as 10 lbs. has been shown to double a person’s risk of diabetes. 

Inadequate sleep results in higher circulating blood glucose levels due to increased glucose production by the liver.  Impaired sleep also affects your body’s ability to use the glucose it makes! April 26, 2005 —

Sleep duration of six hours or less or nine hours or more is associated with increased prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM) and impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), according to the results of a cross-sectional study published in the April 25 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine. These findings were presented at the 2006 American Thoracic Society International Conference in San Diego and published in the American Journal of Epidemiology and demonstrate that a lack of sleep equals weight gain. 

The possible cuprits could be that a lack of sleep alters hormones involved in appetite control and metabolism (namely leptin and ghrelin).  Grehlin is produced in the GI tract and increases appetite when levels rise and leptin  levels decrease (produced in fat cells and signals the brain when you are full) in response to a lack of sleep.  Due to these hormones, as well as other factors, women who slept less in the study also ate less.

Contrary to popular belief that sleeping less means that you ‘do more’ and burn more calories (ie.  lose more weight), subjects in the study  who got only 5 hours of sleep did not lose weight!

In conclusion, you might think that more sleep will aid weight loss.  Wrong!  Research has found that subjects who have slept 9 or more have higher body weights and body fat than their 7-8 hour sleeping counterparts.

So, in conclusion, SLEEP!  Target 7-8 hours of sleep and keep your bed and waking time consistent so that getting enough sleep for good health becomes a habit.”

Now I know this is a tough one to manage with kids, but aiming for something close to this helps!

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