“Uncommon Common Sense”

I have had people respond to my advice regarding kids and food and remark: “Isn’t this all just common sense?!”

And I respond: “Yes! Absolutely!” What I find amazing actually about parenting in urban areas these days, (I can’t speak for the country), is that I think alot of things however, that used to be ‘common sense’, are uncommon. Meaning, that common sense seems to be on the decline, and we are so bombarded by expert advice, that we can fail to use our instincts and again, I will say it, ‘common sense’. Parenting seems to be a career, vs. a natural evolution of the life cycle process that some do or don’t choose. I think in fact this comes with alot of moms delaying child rearing and giving up careers where they got to control alot of their work life. Parenting and kids are different than jobs. There is alot that we can control but more that we cannot. The key is figuring out where to stake your battles, your limits and what you want for your family life.

So, for all of you that rely on others for advice on what to do, or seek experts out to figure out what to do, think first of your own instincts.
I always say that you are the one who knows your kid best. You know yourself best too.

Not that our instinctual response as parents is always best. I have had to work really hard to veer away from my natural response at times, or especially emotional response in dealing with my kids sometimes. But even if you are working at controlling your own temper, (my problem at times,) and want to do something different than the way you were raised, try not to get too far from your instincts.

Usually you are dead on.

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  1. Knindbync on 07 May 2008 at 1:42 pm

    thats for sure, dude

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