“Do your kids have ‘Food Envy?’

Sitting around the playground after pickup today, some of the parents and I were joking about how our kids always want what the other kid has for snack. Or lunch

Sound familiar? If so, don’t fret. It can be pretty compelling, to eat what the other man has. Ever notice that when whoever you are ordering with in a restaurant gets the better dish? Ever have ‘food envy’ yourself? I think it can happen often, particularly with kids, when they are experimenting with friends, hairstyles, new foods, all of course, (the food I mean,) everywhere else but in your home. Notice how adventurous they are with food at other kids’ houses!

So keep your snacks, lunches, and see if they will eat them at another time. Don’t fret about it. And also don’t fret, if you buy what they have tried elsewhere and of course they don’t eat it at home. I think it comes with the territory. “The grass is always greener, and sometimes, the food tastes better……”

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