“You’re not just a head walking around”

Is what I say to my kids when I am forcing them to exercise. Okay, I am the exercise nazi. Forget food, we have to MOVE. It doesn’t matter how, it can be simple, walking alone is great. But if we were just heads, we could forgo the exercise. Unfortunately, we are not. Did you catch the New York Times article that promotes exercise as helping brain power? Great! I always knew it!

So, you can be dogmatic with your kids about moving; if they slow down or don’t have any formal exercise in their lives as they turn into teenagers, figure it out. Get them to walk places. If you live in NYC, you are lucky. We live on the street. We get to walk places. Forgo the subway, the bus. Help your kids’ leg muscles get stronger. Get smart and do it easily. Less is often more. Don’t sweat the gym, just move. However you like. It doesn’t have to be fancy. And of course, don’t do too much. It backfires and doesn’t help metabolism. Plus, you don’t keep it up, so you don’t get the true benefit.

Need I say more?

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