“What do I think of that new cookbook?”

I have had multiple people ask me. Okay, you know the one we are talking about; did you catch her on Oprah?

Now I am not saying that it is a bad thing to want your kids to eat well. It is not a bad thing to cook up those beautiful recipes and feel good that you are helping them to thrive by serving them good food. But I hate to feel pressured that if my kids are not eating, or that if one is off veggies, or will only eat three things, that I have failed as a mom. More importantly, what do you do when they don’t want or like what you are serving? Or continue to buck you, or want to make a power struggle out of food? How do you set limits and teach them how to be responsible for their own body and how to make decisions for themselves around food?

So, if this approach doesn’t sit well with you, you are in good company. I worry that Moms who OVER worry, will not have the tools to decrease their anxiety and will put their kids off veggies even more. I am completely relieved that most kids in fact, end up thriving and are quite healthy, without getting their dose of zucchini for that day.

Now I don’t mean to completely knock it. Many things are useful, and I do believe if it works, it works. But, if you can’t get your kids to eat what you want them to, please don’t fret. You are not failing as a Mom. Chew on that.

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  1. Stacy on 13 Dec 2007 at 9:21 pm

    Donna, thanks again for such helpful advice. It was only after I read your post that I realized that both books (the one you mention and the one the author is accused of plagiarizing) were making me feel like a bad mom. I am not able to get my daughters to eat certain foods, especially vegetables. But, they do eat and I don’t want to fight them. Thanks for the reminder!

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