“What’s your ‘Food Personality?’”

How many diets have you tried and ultimately failed at? I find it fascinating that we are expert dieters, most people face it, can certainly lose weight when they want to; the ultimate challenge of course, is keeping a maintenance weight while enjoying food and life, right?! (Free from overcontrol and preoccupation, uh, hah! Not so easy, right?!) I am convinced that if you figure out what will work for you, for your body, your lifestyle, AND most importantly, your FOOD PERSONALITY, (along with sensible rationale information about exercise and food,) that you will find the secret that will work lifelong. I have spent 20 years now counseling people on weight issues and it all comes down to that. That is what lasts. There are umpteen books and programs out there, all of which promise to give you the secrets, if you follow that program. Some of course work for many, some don’t. Again, to me it is finding out which program is going to work for you. There are lots of approaches, the key really, is finding the one that will fit for your food personality. Because ultimately, it is quite possible, that your diet is failing YOU, YOU are not failing at your diet. More to come on the various ‘Food Personalities’; maybe you will find your ‘fit’ and if not, send me a comment about your particular ‘F.P.I.Q. (That is, Food personality, I.Q..!)

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  1. Akula on 06 Apr 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Some people think that they are way too smart. They think their comments are wonders of the world! Dudes don’t be so self-confident.

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