“Does Practice need to make Perfect?”

Practice, practice, practice. The old line to perfect a skill. Parenting however, certainly takes practice, but too often, we think that we have to be perfect. I think about this when I meet with moms who struggle with their Picky Eaters. I find that one of the things they struggle with the most, (asides from worrying that their child will never grow up to enjoy food and that they will be unhealthy), is that they themselves, as Moms, must be failing somehow, if their child won’t eat what they prepare, or if they eat a very narrow range of things. That somehow as mothers, we are failing if our kids eat in a particular way that worries us. One of the most important things i think we need to learn as parents, is that we cannot control everything. That we will sometimes disappoint our kids; disappoint ourselves, not be perfect. That no matter how hard you try to get your kid to eat in a certain way, they may put up a battle, or thwart you. There are lots of things to try, and hundreds of books out there that will tell you how to ‘get it right’. Along all of this trying however, (which is useful to do, and everyone finds what works for them or doesn’t work, ) is facing the fact that Parenting IS practice. Sort of like yoga practice. It is never perfect, we can always make mistakes, and most importantly, there is alot more margin for error than we think. In fact, all we can do is keep trying. In the very trying, our kids learn how to be honest with themselves, real, and successful, because they see us trying, failing, sometimes getting it right. And they learn. So the next time you find yourself angsting over your picky eater despite the doctor telling you they are completely healthy and thriving, Try to let this thought nourish you: You are being the best mom ever, by learning to handle that they sometimes don’t do exactly what you think they need to do, and it is not a reflection of you as a Mom. Good job, Mom

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  1. holly on 06 Nov 2007 at 11:54 am

    hey this is totally awesome

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