“Flipping the Off Switch”

Of course as a ‘foodie’ myself, I have known for years, that there are certain foods that are hard to stop eating. At some point it may be my favorite barbecue soy chips, when I was nursing my three daughters it was a particular Ginger snap that I must say I was completely unable to eat any less than the whole container. My own little trick doesn’t work for everyone, and you may not want to do this with your kids; it is not for the faint of heart. Basically, I let myself eat the food till I am done. Till the allure leaves. But that doesn’t work for everyone. (Although this cure worked for someone I consulted with who was sure she was ‘addicted’ to chocolate and was completely cured of her addiction within two weeks.
With our kids, we can be nervous about this “All Access” method though, and it is important to teach them about idea of WAITING. Yes, that simple but yet very hard to actually do, concept and exercise, is all that it takes. Because in fact, for some kids, it really does take more time for them to register ‘fullness’, or even ‘I am done’ and ‘want to stop.’ Between the time their stomach sends that signal to their brain, they’ve consumed three bowls of cereal, or three portions of whatever, and by then, full, turns into STUFFED. Do this long enough, and your signal to stop is usually set at stuffed, and lo and behold, you set a pattern for eating more than your body may need to burn.
SO, with the young ones, distract them, promise more later if they are still hungry, let them know the food is still there, and help them wait by getting them to help you clear the table, move onto homework, whatever. Basically, distraction, or ‘shifting gears’, is what it is all about. That way, if they truly are still hungry later, it is coming from their stomachs, and not their heads, or the stimulation of their tastebuds and mouths. Good luck!

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  1. Sarah Bostwick on 19 Oct 2007 at 2:55 pm

    this is so good! exactly my idea! IT really works; I tried it!

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