The Food Inhaler

Is one of your kids a Picky Eater and the other a Foodie, or at times what I call: The Food Inhaler? There are thousands of books out there for the Picky Eaters and some say to offer a food a thousand times and one the thousandth and second time, they will likely try it; to never try that at all. I obviously don’t subscribe to the offer the food over and over camp; I think that can create struggles and in my experience, the more a kid smells your agenda; the likelihood that they will be contrary as they are moving into separation issues toward the twos and threes, the more likely they are to say no just to spite you, or be different. Even worse, not great to eat for mommy, for the kids who won’t go against you and want to just focus on what you want, as oppose to what their tummy is telling them they want/need. Now of course, this is not a black and white thing, but my feelings and how I practice and coach people to do so falls along those lines.
(More specific tips on that of course to come!) But what I love hearing about, are the ‘Food Inhalers’. Those kids who love love love their food, are the last ones eating the cake at the birthday parties, and can at times, seem obsessed! (I have countless parents coming in to see me for this!) Tips:
1) Congratulate your kid on their wonderful ‘palate’ and how wonderful it is that they love the tastes, smells, textures of their food so much
2) Teach them how to wait between portions by either distracting them if they are younger, or teaching them about waiting if they are older; for kids like this, they do need to wait to feel the message from the tummy to the brain that they can stop; I call it ‘flipping the off switch’. Some foods, (like potato chips for instance), stimulate the taste buds so that our mouths tell our heads we want more and it can be hard to stop. Simply pulling your kid away, while reassuring them that of course there is more if they still want it say in 20 minutes, is often all it takes, to flip the ‘off’ switch. Gives them tools to prevent a life time of overreating.

5 Responses to “The Food Inhaler”

  1. Karen on 10 Oct 2007 at 1:42 pm

    I can’t believe you are talking about this because just last night my 7 year old daughter was yet again, asking for a third portion! I don’t know how to handle it because I don’t want to make her feel bad about eating but it makes me so nervous and I know she is gaining weight because she doesn’t ever want to stop! Please more tips!

  2. Alison on 11 Oct 2007 at 2:09 pm

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