What Style is your Eater?

More to come on this. (The topic is endless!) In my 20 years of experience dealing with eating issues and with children, I have come to understand that each kid goes through and has their own style of eating. We have our Picky Eaters, Beige Food Eaters, (That is what I call the kid who only wants beige, or white food, no veggies of course!) The list goes on. I will definitely write alot about this, because it can make you want to pull your hair out as a parent, but if you understand it better, you will be able to use different strategies to take the stress out of mealtimes! I have written alot about this, so as we go along, you will also be able to access this through some of the articles I have published, and my book of course, but I will definitely be putting little tips and strategies to help you cope as we go through one more day of: “Mom, there is nothing to eat!”, or, “No, I won’t eat that!”

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