Are We Really THAT Pathetic?

I know I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to this ‘social networking’ business.  I don’t ‘twit’, I barely look at my ‘facebook’, and I just got a ‘smartphone’.

But I have to admit, that this line I caught from a website called, kind of summed up my attitude to our obsession with ‘connecting’ and ‘contacting’ these days via the internet;  It is kind of pathetic.  I keep thinking of the saying:  “If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, did it really fall?”

I think we are all in a bit of an existential crisis.  Get the ‘sell’ line for this website;  “Confirms a person’s existence.”

Now I know they are really plugging some GPS feature where you are matched instantly with a product or price you want to pay for such product, but that line really punched to the absurdity of it all.

Who doesn’t want to be ‘popular’?  We never do get out of high school, do we?  Emotionally, anyway.  What kills me about the obsession with the social networking sites, and the need to be ‘famous’, is that it shows our need to be seen.  “I think, therefore I am”, has been replaced by:  “I am seen, twittered, networked, therefore I am.”

We don’t do very well in a vacuum.  We have done poorly in teaching our children how to exist without any outside stimulation.  They don’t have a clue how to be bored.  One analyst once said to me:  “If we are never bored, then we will never know ourselves.”

How true.  If we can never sit still long enough or be alone without connecting, or focusing our energies outward, then we will never land in our bodies and minds long enough to sort through any physical or emotional sensations.

Without the ability to ‘decompress’ to shift gears from focusing outside ourselves, to our insides, and without the ability to tolerate that downshift and emptiness that it might initially be experienced as, a lot is lost.  Creativity, a sense of self, a seat, or anchor to one’s gut, and the ability to decode information and sort through one’s emotions, rational thinking, and physical impulses, is poorly developed.

Think about this the next time you, or your kid, starts to whine:  “I’m bored.”  Seize it as a moment to shift through the slight agitation and discomfort and see where it lands you.  Approach it in a matter of fact way with your child.  Resist the idea that it is your job to ‘entertain’ or stimulate them all the time.  Keep them connected to their inner resources.

Then take a trip sitting around being bored, inside yourself.  Yes, in fact, you do exist without the outside world telling you so.  Don’t ‘twitter’ your time away.  Savor your empty spaces and boredom.  You will find something infinitely more interesting.  Yourself.

One Response to “Are We Really THAT Pathetic?”

  1. Lewis Farsedakis on 30 Jul 2010 at 8:36 am

    Hi Donna,

    Of course you have the right to say what you want in your own articles, but after 2 years of development on the site, I feel I needed to at least tell you that you are using it as a poor example to support your argument (which I liked by the way). In my opinion, if your going to use a company as an example, at least know what it does. It’s not a gps locator of any sorts. It actually uses the power of the Internet to save all of us from crazy fees, commissions and fraud. It actually is a positive contribution to what’s outthere today, and anything that makes things easier, cheaper, better for the consumer should be touted more positively (yes I’m biased in saying that but not in the objective contribution this site makes for cconsumers). Feel free to reach out if you want more details, or at a minimum try to understand what it is before slandering it. Thank you.

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