I need to put my two cents in here.  (Those of you who follow me, know that of course, I always have an opinion)

 It never fails to amaze me, how, during the holidays, there are millions of tips out there, for how to “NOT GAIN WEIGHT’.

Forgive my inner, (or not so inner) rebel, but I just totally resent the idea that one SHOULDN’T gain weight over the holidays.

 After all, if we want to be able to live well, eat well, and actually yes, MAINTAIN WEIGHT LOSS, don’t we have to account for something called LIFE?  Isn’t part of life eating those things that aren’t in our usual repertoires; things we don’t usually have access to, or get served on a regular basis? 

I am a big believer that part of life is allowing oneself pleasure.  Call me a hedonist, but we certainly know in the weight loss business, that deprivation is just like, so, over.  

So can we stop with the focus on Not Gaining Weight Over the Holidays?  One SHOULD gain weight over the holidays!  How about a little relaxation with the whole thing!  Why can’t we just go with the pleasure and enjoyment of it all, without nitpicking the calories, or the driving yourself crazy!

 I am a big believer, that in order to maintain any kind of weight loss, and EAT FOR LIFE, that you need to OVEREAT at times.  That there are times during the year, or occasions, that it simply is almost like an obligation, to eat the beautiful food  offered to you.  


1)    Allow yourself the right, and the pleasure to enjoy these offerings.

 2)    Don’t eat what is offered simply because it is offered.  Pick and choose what you like and really want to eat. 

 3)    Savor it.  Enjoy it!  There is more if you want it!  Don’t fret.  Stay conscious and if you are satisfied, you can try to stop.  It is only feeling satisfied that might help you stop.

 4)    Don’t go to the parties hungry.  Eat before you go, so you eat what you truly love, not because you are starved.  You don’t have to have a full meal, but have some protein.  Protein with fiber is terrific, a couple of hard boiled eggs will help you not be starving so you can truly enjoy the delectables that you absolutely need to eat.


Above all, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!  This is your prescription!